Sunday, May 11, 2014

10 PATTERN CATEGORIES for a Minimally Successful People’s Campaign

What we would need to actually help create the information and communication systems that would empower civil society to address the significant problems that the world faces.

These categories are placeholders for a living pattern language that would help cultivate those systems. 

I'm putting this list up without commentary. I hope to add more soon...

Vision and Purpose
    Why get involved? What would we really like to see in our information and communication systems?

Resource Development online and otherwise, a people’s Google?!

   ourselves, our students, general public, venues, needs and approaches

Collaborative Venues and Values
   visioning, building, deliberating, experimenting

Network Development
   roles, infrastructure, branding, mission(s), outreach, other groups

   with government, business, conferences, internet bodies, manifestos, critique

Community Interaction and Dialogue
   partnerships, community inquiry

Open Communication
   schedules, protocols, shared documents, forums

Early Warning and Rapid Response

   events, white papers, op-eds, petitions, testimony

   guidelines, procedures, documents, self-evaluation, using our (not developed yet) patterns

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