Monday, May 16, 2011


Thought I'd share some anti-patterns about thinking from my Liberating Voices book... Good suggestions as to how to be irrelevant in the 21st Century!
  • Thinking that people can do nothing
  • Thinking of people and institutions as being autonomous and strictly competitive
  • Thinking of technology as being autonomous and immutable, as being something that technopundits alone are capable of creating
  • Thinking of our own habits of thinking and acting as being as being correct and immutable
  • Thinking about value in restricted ways
  • Thinking that experts and professionals will solve all our problems
  • Thinking that there is no need to develop a collective social agenda
  • Thinking and speaking using a constricted set of allowable actions and vocabulary
  • Thinking that propaganda, simplistic explanations, and toxic media are acceptable
  • Thinking that the free market or vague ideas such as ‘‘progress’’ will rescue us effortlessly through side effects
  • Thinking that we have no responsibility for other people and the planet now and in future generations
Of course the reason for these anti-patterns is to resist them!

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